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Staff are not limited to a single system management console at a specified physical location. Staff are able (with the proper login credentials) to access system management functions from any computer in the system. Multiple staff members can interact with the system simultaneously from the convenience of their work areas.

These functions include system control functions:

CASSIE bullet Adding, modifying, or deleting user records
CASSIE bullet Creating single-use or day-use guest accounts with one mouse click
CASSIE bullet Monitoring the status of any computer in the system
CASSIE bullet Sending a message to one or more users during their session
CASSIE bullet Extending or shortening a user's session
CASSIE bullet Viewing the contents of a user's screen remotely
CASSIE bullet Changing a user's web content filter profile remotely
CASSIE bullet Adding, viewing, or canceling users' reservations
CASSIE bullet Adding, deleting, or reordering users in the waiting lists
CASSIE bullet Unlocking a locked screen or forcing a user's session to end
CASSIE bullet Rebooting or shutting down one or more computers
CASSIE bullet Obtaining statistics reports

As well as system configuration functions:

CASSIE bullet Setting global parameters such as total time allowed per user per day
CASSIE bullet Adding or removing computers from the system
CASSIE bullet Adding, removing, or modifying computer groups
CASSIE bullet Setting operating hours by branch and/or computer group
CASSIE bullet Changing the charge profiles for printers
CASSIE bullet Reconfiguring the Visual Management displays
CASSIE bullet Editing prompt text, including adding and deleting languages on the multilingual user interface

Of course, if you prefer to allow system management functions from only a subset of the computers in the system, you can do that too.

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